Monitor the pulse of shopper activity in real time

Shoppers are giving you meaningful, actionable data with every item they buy–and don’t buy. The KSS Retail Shopper Insights platform gives the unique ability to hear, understand and act upon what shoppers are telling you in real-time.

Using shopper data captured minute by minute at POS scanners, you can intelligently measure, monitor and model purchases to uncover clarity and insight. This enables you to understand who your best customers are and what they buy, so you can build loyalty by delivering relevant pricing, promotions and assortments.

Scientific modeling enables effective action
This data stream, which we call the Retail Heartbeat®, flows within the transaction log generated at store checkouts. It lets you monitor sales rates and compare them against an accurate forecast.

Retail Heartbeat is based on a detailed mathematical model of store-specific sales velocity, developed from analysis of historical POS data and other influencing factors, such as promotion data, seasonality, day-of-week, time-of-day and pricing.

When used to monitor customer purchases, Retail Heartbeat helps you quickly, accurately and intelligently determine problems with store‐selling conditions. Your store personnel are automatically alerted to spot check and correct problems that could otherwise take hours or days to discover–if at all.

Download the KSS Retail Heartbeat™ Brochure

With Retail Heartbeat™ you can:

  • Monitor shopper motivations, basket analyses, promotion response
  • Leverage real-time store sales modeling
  • Gain superior promotional forecasting tools
  • Master Ready-for-Purchase and Out-of-Stock issues