Monitor the pulse of shopper activity in real time

Shoppers are giving you meaningful, actionable data with every item they buy–and don’t buy. The KSS Retail Heartbeat Market Basket Analytics platform gives you the unique ability to hear, understand and act upon what your shoppers are telling you in real-time.

The KSS Retail Heartbeat from dunnhumby solution quickly provides the information you need on shopper behavior to make faster, smarter marketing and merchandising decisions. With new insights on patterns and trends, you can take actions that maximize revenue, enhance your competitive edge, and most importantly, improve your customers’ shopping experience

Using shopper data captured minute by minute at POS scanners, you can intelligently measure, monitor and model purchases to uncover clarity and insight. This enables you to understand who your best customers are and what they buy, so you can build loyalty by delivering relevant pricing, promotions and product assortment.

Scientific modeling enables effective action
KSS Retail Heartbeat is based on a detailed mathematical model of store-specific sales velocity, developed from analysis of historical POS data and other influencing factors, such as promotion data, seasonality, day-of-week, time-of-day and pricing.

Using Heartbeat Market Basket Analytics, you can evaluate trends by store, zone or banner; customer or customer segment; time of day or day of the week; individual SKU, product combination or category; promotional response; and loyalty card usage. Heartbeat Market Basket Analytics provides you with the ability to see relationships between products in the shopper’s basket, allowing cross category affinities and product diversity metrics to drive product, pricing and promotional decisions.

Download the KSS Retail Heartbeat Brochure

With KSS Retail Heartbeat you can:

  • Monitor basket diversity and brand loyalty
  • Understand which customers are buying what products, and when, using real-time store sales modeling
  • See which customers are trying your new product
  • See patterns that enable you to better plan promotions and target offers