Master the mix by developing more accurate forecasts

Your shoppers count on you to have the products they want, in the store they shop. KSS Retail can help you improve shopper loyalty by carrying the most relevant mix of products.

Target your best customers with Basket Driver and KVI Identification
We help you identify basket drivers (items that are important to consumers who typically purchase high-valued baskets) and KVIs (price-sensitive items that are important to a large percent of consumers).

This Basket Driver and KVI Identification enables you to enhance pricing and promotional strategies, for example, by directing competitor surveys, refining parity constraints, and feeding into your promotional strategy. Each of these elements, plus the impact of KVI and basket driver items on cross-effect identification, can be realized by means of PriceStrat configurations, or as inputs to other processes that you might use in designing pricing and promotional strategies.

Combining insights gained from shopper segmentation with basket driver and KVI analysis enables you to track switching behaviors in reaction to temporary out-of-stocks or discontinued items. By blending analysis on the relative value of carrying specific brands in important subcategories with consumer segmentation, you can make better informed decisions on the brand and product assortment needed to attract and retain the most profitable consumers.

With Assortment Analytics you can:

  • Improve pricing and promotional strategies
  • Measure the relative value of carrying specific brands in important subcategories
  • Inform decision-making on assortment and shelf space allocation