Corporate Management

Yael Cosset | Chief Executive Officer
Yael leverages his extensive experience in enterprise software and data analytics for KSS Retail, Inc. He most recently headed the US Consumer Markets division at dunnhumbyUSA, where he also had responsibility for collaboration with KSS Retail since it was acquired by dunnhumby in January 2010. He continues to serve on the Board of Directors for KSS Retail as he has since the acquisition. Yael was previously Vice President of Operations, West Region, at MicroStrategy, a global leader in business intelligence technology. In his earlier career, he was an executive business consultant providing insight and direction on market expansion, product launches and growth strategies for global companies including Schneider Electric and Gregori International. Yael graduated Valedictorian with a Masters from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de in Chambéry, France.

Dr. Paul Helman | Chief Science Officer
Prior to joining KSS Retail, Paul was a founding partner and chief scientist of Standard Analytics, LLC. He is a professor emeritus of computer science at the University of New Mexico following a 25-year academic career on the faculty. He previously worked with Data Ventures, LLC as a consultant and visiting scientist where he worked on optimization, data mining solutions and software for Procter and Gamble, as well as retail clients such as Food Lion, Walmart, Safeway, Meijer, and HEB. While with Data Ventures, Paul helped to design, optimize, and implement the proprietary TLOG data storage system, XDB, a capability that can quickly process terabytes of basket-level data. XDB is a key foundation of many of the optimization and data mining algorithms that he has developed.

Andy Kalamaras | Senior Vice President, Sales and Professional Services
Andy is responsible for global sales and services activity to ensure client success. His extensive background includes work with leading technology providers including MicroStrategy, Epicor, Accenture and Guidance Software. Blending experience with both Sales and Services, Andy is focused on leading KSS Retail with not only the acquisition of new clients, but their success in utilizing price optimization as well. Andy is a graduate of Michigan State University and received his MBA from the University of Southern California.

Blake Ryan | Vice President, Development
Blake leads the global development group for KSS with over 20+ years of experience.  Previous to KSS, Blake was with the Motorola Australia Software Centre and involved with designing and developing software architecture across a broad range of platforms and a variety of technologies. Blake has played a critical role in leading the development of the price optimization suite at KSS and is now actively involved in the broader product design of shopper insight solutions.

Bob Phinney | VP of Strategic Pricing
Bob has more than 30 years of retail experience, combining merchandising and operations (retail and wholesale) with software and technology development. A member of the Professional Pricing Society, Bob has conducted countless lectures and workshops with organizations looking for practical and visionary pricing strategies. His solid retail management background has enabled him to design and implement creative approaches to problem-solving, process improvement and creating productive teams. As the VP of Strategic Pricing at KSS Retail, his mission is to drive the vision of the pricing solution set, combining the art of pricing with the science of price and promotion optimization.